Empros Pharma doses first patients in large scale clinical study of anti-obesity drug EMP-16

Empros Pharma AB announces today that they have dosed the first patients with anti-obesity drug,
EMP-16 in the third clinical study. The phase 2 trial known as the SESAM study has begun with
dosing patients at each clinic in Uppsala, Linköping, and Stockholm.

“The study is now running, and we can tell with great certainty that we will get topline data in Q1 2024. The study size is 320 patients, and we are scheduled to deliver top line data in time for a potential launch in 2027” says CEO Arvid Söderhall. The SESAM study (Study Exploring the Supportive effect of Acarbose in weight Management), is a 6-month, double-blinded study involving patients with obesity or patients with overweight and risk factors and is being conducted by CTC AB.

Read more about the study here: Empros enters late stage clinical development of obesity treatment
EMP16 – Empros Pharma

This phase IIb-study is a big step heading up to the phase III-program that Empros plans to implement
in 2024-2026. The clinical program has been anchored with the FDA.

For more information, please contact:
Arvid Söderhäll, CEO
E-mail: arvid.soderhall@emprospharma.com

Please also visit the company’s website for more information at: www.emprospharma.com

About Empros

Empros Pharma is developing EMP16, an anti-obesity drug that is planned to be ready for launch in 2027 EMP16 is unique in the field of obesity as safety can be bridged from previous products, i.e. the
phase lll-program is much smaller compared to all other upcoming products. EMP16 has already
shown efficacy in a 6-month clinical trial and will be one of the first obesity drug products to be
launched after the expected launch of Mounjaro. Empros Pharma was founded in 2013 by
researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala University with the investor Flerie Invest. The EMP16
product has shown its effectiveness in a proof-of-concept clinical trial, recently published in Obesity:
Effects of a novel weightloss combination product containing orlistat and acarbose on obesity: A
randomized, placebo-controlled trial – Holmbäck et al. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2022 Nov;30(11):2222-

Canaccord Genuity is acting as exclusive business development advisor for EMP16 and organizations
with an interest in commercializing EMP16 are encouraged to contact Issac Jacob at Canaccord.