Empros phase 2b obesity trial enrollment complete in only one month,confirming unmet medical need. Top-line data to be released in the firstquarter of 2024.

Empros Pharma is developing EMP16 for the treatment of obesity. In just one month, 320 patients
have successfully been randomized in the phase 2b SESAM trial. This confirms the unmet medical
need for safe and effective oral anti-obesity drugs. The completion of the SESAM trial by Q1 2024 is
now secured which will enable the remaining phase 3 trials to start during 2024 and deliver data in

Arvid Söderhall, CEO of Empros, comments, “EMP16 is oral, has a well-established safety and
tolerability profile, and can become a first-line pharmaceutical treatment. The vast majority of
patients need an anchor therapy for chronic support to improve their general health, where weight
loss and weight maintenance are vital components. EMP16 is aimed at this group, and the rapid
recruitment to the trial confirms this unmet medical need.”
One objective of the SESAM trial is to demonstrate superiority over Xenical, which is the current firstline pharmaceutical treatment. Empros has already demonstrated that EMP16 solves the fecal
incontinence problem that hampers the uptake of Xenical, as well as achieving a weight reduction of
more than 5% compared to placebo in 26 weeks.
The rapid enrollment in the SESAM study opens opportunities for investors and licensing partners to
engage in a project that may launch in FDA and EMA markets within less than four years. The
expectation is that when the topline data is available in Q1 2024, additional investors and/or pharma
licensing partners will be included in the syndicate to move the program forward. EMP16 offers a derisked innovative asset in a highly attractive market of obesity therapies, which is expected to reach
between $30-50 billion USD at the time of EMP16 approval.
It should also bring hope to patients seeking a well-tolerated, safe, and affordable pharmaceutical
support to reduce and maintain their body weight and improve their health. EMP16 would offer not
only a strong oral anchor therapy as monotherapy but also the potential for combination with other
classes of obesity drugs, thereby potentially allowing for more sustained weight reduction.
“We are excited to move forward with this trial and evaluate the potential of our oral drug to provide
a safe and effective alternative to injectable drugs,” said Ulf Holmbäck, Chief Scientific Officer of
Empros. “We remain committed to developing innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes
and quality of life, and we look forward to sharing the results of our trial in the coming months.”

For more information, please contact:
Arvid Söderhäll, CEO
E-mail: arvid.soderhall@emprospharma.com

About Empros

Empros Pharma is developing EMP16, an anti-obesity drug that is planned to be ready for launch in 2027 EMP16 is unique in the field of obesity as safety can be bridged from previous products, i.e. the
phase lll-program is much smaller compared to all other upcoming products. EMP16 has already
shown efficacy in a 6-month clinical trial and will be one of the first obesity drug products to be
launched after the expected launch of Mounjaro. Empros Pharma was founded in 2013 by
researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala University with the investor Flerie Invest. The EMP16
product has shown its effectiveness in a proof-of-concept clinical trial, recently published in Obesity:
Effects of a novel weightloss combination product containing orlistat and acarbose on obesity: A
randomized, placebo-controlled trial – Holmbäck et al. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2022 Nov;30(11):2222-

Canaccord Genuity is acting as exclusive business development advisor for EMP16 and organizations
with an interest in commercializing EMP16 are encouraged to contact Issac Jacob at Canaccord.

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