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Empros Pharma AB was founded in late 2013 by senior researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala University together with the external investor Flerie Invest. In 2020 the Board of Directors was strengthened by new members. Empros Pharma is an agile and focused company where all investments go directly into the progress of the weight management drug project.



We envision a world where obesity is no longer seen as a fault of the individual and where individualized treatment is accessible for everyone. Tied with a better treatment of obesity, the incidence of serious co-morbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease is strongly decreased.


As a company committed to diversity, and inclusion, we strive for universally accessible medications in the obesity medicine field, addressing the current lack of availability and serving as a game changer for individuals worldwide. 


Empros has several key values that are strongly embedded in the company culture:

TRUST: Empros is a small company and highly dependent on external professionals. We carefully select these professionals, and once included they become “one of us”. We do not compartmentalize information and ideas, instead we trust that others use their skills and knowledge to help us move forward.   

TRANSPARENCY: Empros always strives to include everyone within the company. All team members should feel that they play an important role and see how their own activities and actions help the company forward. Empros sees this as a key component to foster intrinsic motivation, so that everyone is willing to put in that extra effort.

KNOWLEDGE-DRIVEN: Science is what Empros is built upon. We use previous knowledge to create something new, that we in turn share with both the scientific community and society as a whole. Here transparency comes back, all that we do must be reproducible and understandable for everyone.