Management Team


Arvid is a physicist with a PhD in physical chemistry. He has been managing a wide range of scientific as well as strategic development projects for the more than 20 years, both as project manager and Principal Investigator. He has been working in academic research, biotech startup as well as high level policy making organizations. He has international experiences from both academic as well as industrial collaborations. Ever since the foundation of Empros, he has been at the steering wheel finding the ways ahead. Arvid was appointed CEO of Empros Pharma in 2015.

in Business and Economics,

Halide holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics specializing in Management. With additional courses in project management and a foundational understanding of AI and Machine Learning, Halide brings a diverse skill set. With experience in banking as a sales representative and as a management team assistant and project leader in a fintech startup, she brings a unique perspective to drive success in the company.

ASSOC. PROF. ULF HOLMBÄCK, PhD Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Ulf is one of the founders of Empros Pharma AB, he is in the Board of Directors and one of the inventors. He has a PhD in nutrition and a position at Uppsala University. His areas of expertise are mainly nutrition physiology and circadian metabolism. Ulf has been involved in several pre-clinical as well as clinical trials.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Head of Quality Assurance (QA)

Stefan is a pharmacist with 25+ years professional experience, involved in 50+ pharmaceutical projects. He has had senior positions in pharmaceutical development for more than 15 years. More than a third of the projects he has been involved in are marketed products. Stefan is also one of the inventors.

Board member

Mark is partner at Flerie Invest and he holds positions in several boards. He has background in Business Development, Strategy, M&A and General Management and has worked for various pharma companies including Medeva, Celltech and UCB. More latterly, he was for sixteen years with the top five global CDMO, Recipharm where he we part of the Executive Committee with responsibility for Corporate Development. He has a successful history of M&A having led in excess of twenty-five transactions both acquiring and divesting businesses in a public and private setting.

Senior Advisors

Scientific Advisor

Göran is one of the founders and inventors. He holds the chair in pharmaceutical technology at Uppsala University and he is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and he has published 100+ original and review papers and is the author of several book chapters. Göran has for many years held academic leader positions at Uppsala University. He is an internationally recognized expert on the technology and materials science of solid dosage forms with a research focus on the characterization and processing of particles and particle systems.

Chief Medical Officer

Anders is one of the founders and inventors. As a pediatrician at the Uppsala University Hospital specialized in obesity, he meets the consequences of the obesity pandemic every day. He sees the need for a safe and effective medicine even for obese adolescents. He is involved as principal investigator in several other clinical investigations besides of those at Empros, both at national and EU level.