Pharmacokinetics publication

The pharmacokinetics data from Empros first trial is published. The data demonstrates that EMP16 has a safety comparable to Xenical.


On May 25th Empros Pharma started our second clinical trial – a Phase IIa proof-of-concept trial. It is a golden standard randomized, placebo controlled double blinded clinical trial where we compare two different doses of EMP16-02 and placebo. The primary endpoint is placebo adjusted weight loss after 26 weeks of treatment with EMP16-02. In only … Continued

Empros first clinical trial published

Empros first clinical trial, closed in 2017 was recently published in Obesity Science and Practice, see full text article here. In this phase 2a trial Empros compared three different doses of EMP16 to Xenical. The trial demonstrated that EMP16 is safe and has an improved tolerability. Through questionnaires we observed a decreased hunger. With these positive … Continued

Empros Pharma strengthen the Board of Directors

At an extraordinary general meeting held in Q1 2020, Empros owners decided to appoint Eugen Steiner, Milan Zdravkovic and Anne Bloch Thomsen as new Directors of the Board. The three new members adds competence in entrepreneurship, venture capital logics, obesity, clinical strategy and much more.

Empros Pharma tar in 40 MSEK och säkrar finansieringen av proof-of-concept-studie för EMP16

Det svenska läkemedelsutvecklingsföretaget Empros Pharma AB tar nu nästa steg i den kliniska utvecklingen av läkemedelskandidaten för viktminskning, EMP16. Empros har tillsammans med Vator Securities rest 40 miljoner kronor i en fulltecknad aktieemission för att finansiera en proof-of-concept-studie. Studien som planeras är en sex månaders randomiserad och placebokontrollerad studie av EMP16 med viktminskning som primär … Continued

Empros Pharma participates in Bio Korea

CEO Arvid Söderhäll participated in at the Bio-Korea conference in Seoul in May. South Korea represents a vibrant region with an impressive traction. Empros Pharma has established contacts with investors, pharmaceutical industry, key opinion leaders, regulatory authority as well as consultants.

Pressrelease Phase 2a trial

Swedish Start-Up Pharma reveals positive Phase 2a trial – results from a novel oral medication treatment of obesity The Swedish Pharmaceutical start-up Empros Pharma AB has new clinical results from a Phase 2a trial of its first novel and unique product EMP16; an oral drug for the treatment of obesity. It is an innovative, safe, … Continued

Meet Empros in New York

Empros Pharma will be at the  Nordic-American Life science conference in New York, November 13-15. Meet us there!

Phase 2a trial concluded

Medical background of Empros first product The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing worldwide. In 2015, it was estimated that about 108 million children and 604 million adults were obese worldwide. The overall prevalence of obesity was 5.0% among children and 12.0% among adults. Among adults, the prevalence of obesity was generally higher among … Continued