Securing 40 msek investment

Stockholm, Sweden 6 February 2023. Empros Pharma AB (“Empros Pharma” or “Empros”) announce
today that they have secured 40.000.000 SEK through private investments. The investment was led
by Flerie Invest and will be used to accelerate the development of the obesity drug product EMP16,
as well as increase the team.
During 2023, Empros will perform two clinical trials :The first one will be a 6-month phase 2b trial
where two different doses of EMP16 is compared to a reference drug product as well as placebo. In
parallel, a crossover phase 1 trial will run where the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic
properties of modified release orlistat is investigated further. The studies have been based on
discussions with regulatory agencies and will provide important comparison information. The
proceeds also make it possible to increase our business development efforts together with
Canaccord Genuity, as well as expansion of the team.
Arvid Söderhäll, CEO of Empros commented: “With this investment, Empros can now take significant
steps in bringing EMP16 to market and providing a safe, tolerable and effective drug to treat obesity.
I am extremely proud to be a part of the team developing EMP16 as well as the solid support from
our investors.”
Mark Quick, partner at Flerie Invest commented “we have a strong belief in EMP16 and the team
developing this obesity drug We see the current boom of the obesity market as a natural
development of a long unmet medical need where EMP16 has the potential to be play a significant
role. Several excellent drugs are in the pipeline, but EMP16 has a unique mode of action with a well
established safety and tolerability profile and thus a special place in the toolbox.”
Canaccord Genuity is acting as exclusive business development advisor for EMP16 and organizations
with an interest to commercialize EMP16 are encouraged to contact Issac Jacob at Canaccord.


Empros Pharma develops EMP16, a pharmaceutical treatment against overweight and obesity.
Empros Pharma AB was founded in late 2013 by senior researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala
University together with the external investor Flerie Invest. The EMP16 product has demonstrated its
efficacy in a proof-of-concept clinical trial, as recently published in Obesity: Effects of a novel weight‐
loss combination product containing orlistat and acarbose on obesity: A randomized, placebo‐
controlled trial – Holmbäck – 2022 – Obesity – Wiley Online Library.


Flerie Invest is an active long-term global biotech and pharma investor based in Stockholm and
London managing a portfolio of over 30 companies in Europe, Israel and the US. The focus is on
enabling pioneering organisations operating in the drug development and services space to succeed
by providing them with resources and expertise. The portfolio includes a wide range of areas
including immuno- oncology, metabolic diseases and biologics development and manufacturing
organisations which have the potential to make a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Flerie
Invest was founded in 2010 by Thomas Eldered, who also co-founded and built Recipharm to be one
of the world’s top five pharmaceutical contract manufacturers. For more information, please visit

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